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Hi, my name’s Kira. I’m a writer, graphic designer, and art director from Montreal. I’ve got a decade of experience making stuff for the web and in print under my belt, and my approach to the creative process is a little bit… unusual.

Welcome to Ghosts & Co. This is my haunt.


Having an investigative spirit means being unafraid to try new things, to iterate, and to find the right solutions for even the most challenging problems.

Good design requires peering into dark closets and under the bed for that idea that goes bumping around making the sort of racket befitting a poltergeist. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a preoccupation with hidden things: ideas that stand apart from the normal, the trendy, the average. Sometimes, that leads my investigation to places others won’t readily consider. It makes my work unique.

I’ve always thought it was my obligation to look at things from a different angle, to present solutions that set brands apart. To create proverbial jackalopes from ordinary bunny rabbits. It’s my mission to create memorable designs for my clients, even if that means keeping a flashlight packed into my toolkit.

Graphic Design

From business cards to tradeshow booths, I’ve designed it. I’m very familiar with the Creative Suite, and I’m no stranger to working with print processes.


Whether its user interface design for the web, or user experience for mobile and dashboard products, how a person interacts and experiences a design is critical to success. Yep, I do both UI and UX too.

Web Design

I started designing websites twenty years ago. I wish I was joking about that number, but in all honesty I designed and built my first site when I was thirteen. I’m still at it.

Mobile Design

Every year, the way we approach information changes. We talk about mobile design because people are glued to their phones, and then we put it into practice so we don’t lose customers or clients.

Brand Development

Working with my clients to actualize an idea is a talent cultivated over many years. From brand identities to tangible guidelines, and then managing the brand — I do it all.

Art Direction

Concept, creation, negotiation. I have good ideas and I’m happy to explain and defend as necessary, but I also listen to and integrate feedback, and mentor my team. That’s how I work. Jackalopes, right?

Horror Writers Seal

Horror Writers Seal

October 7, 2016

Ghosts & Co.

Ghosts & Co.

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Lightspeed Road Show


I make stuff. I’m an art director, graphic and web designer, brand identity developer, and brand manager with ten years professional experience under my belt.

As an alumnus of Concordia University, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art with a Specialization in Art History from McGill. I am accustomed to working collaboratively, but with a background as a freelancer I’m comfortable being self-directed and autonomously generating work tools from a dark corner with music playing loudly in my headphones, but I also manage and mentor an in-house design team. My design process is iterative, often collaborative, and QA is never compromised. I wireframe. I user test. I make sure that no one ignores the design brief.

I like being involved in projects that resonate, and I’m searching for an amazing team to join and advance my design career. Take some time to look at my work, and if you’re interested in helping me make this happen, let’s get in touch.

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I like to think design is a little like alchemy for the contemporary era. You need to find the right catalyst to make things go boom. Check out some of my in-progress work at the blog.

Work in Progress

Design might be my first love, but I do other creative stuff: I’m writing my first novel series for young adult readers. You can learn more about the project at

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